The Spraw Engine

VR installation  2022
The Sprawl Engine is a multimedia installation exploring VR experience, science fiction, and hauntology theory. Through VR headsets, audiences will start a trip in the metaspace. Inspired by Willian Jabson’s short story The Gernsback Continuum(1981) and his Semiotic Ghosts thinking, Annan carried out a series of world-building in a virtual space. Rhizomes spread through the virtual monument; they break the constraints of space and restructure the video, animation, and sci-fi symbols as a mesh. Whether the AI-generated images or virtual space, Annan buries a sense of nostalgia in a futuristic sci-fi setting. In Mark Fisher’s words, “the slow cancellation of the future,” The Sprawl Engine takes a fresh look at the Metaverse concept touted by the tech industry and sci-fi.

This project is done by Unity, Maya, and Gan of Artificial Intelligence. In addition to constructing a virtual space under a postmodernist context, the artist also explores the scene's interactivi ty and use of shader languages.