video game  2021 (continue)

Decentration is an RPG video game. Through a first-person perspective, players will experience the memories of the protagonist who died at the end of the world of a cyber world.

The protagonist buys a drug pill from a drug dealer. But this pill is composed of a short database, through which ordinary people can access information and special experiences that are prohibited in this era. These contents may involve art, literature, music, philosophy. The protagonist observes a cross-century debate through pills. The theme of this debate is: Does the end of the world really exist? The characters in the debate come from different genres, and they each have their own beliefs. The spirit of the protagonist received a shock, and he began to think very seriously about the end of the world. In the end, it accepted the fact that the end of the world existed, and it really went to extinction in the apocalyptic environment. I hope people can reflect on this work. Does the "knowledge" or "information" we understand really give us more perspectives, or does it just immerse us in another set of ideologies? In an increasingly realistic/immersive environment, are we really controlled by the media/information (Deleuze's cybernetics: people today can be manipulated/restricted even if they are not in the same physical field), Do we still have a chance to resist?