Enneagram Test: Find your ideal job!

print book  2019   


It is a questionnaire based on printing or web. This artwork uses meme images to reproduce the Enneagram Test (a popular personality test system that divides human characters into nine types). Enneagram Test is often used for self-help, business management, and spiritual development. "Although there is no obvious evidence to prove it, its proponents claim that this model has a history of hundreds of years.” This long-circulated test system has undergone several iterations with countless modifications, and even some are used as one of the parts of the company’s entry evaluation. The creator claims that it can help people “know themselves” and help managers assign departmental.
In Enneagram Test: Find your ideal job! I re-arranged the ambiguous and funny pictures and imitated the enneagram test questioning mode to create this visual-type Enneagram test questions. When people complete this funny test question, they will get career advice that looks logical and reasonable (but not relevant in reality). I intend to explore human choice behaviour-all of such test system are actually to help people make a decision, whether Enneagram Test or constellation fortune-telling spread on the Internet. Would this "guidance" of this established system help us or misleading us? Is the choice made by the system instead of us the optimal solution? Does this traditional test system with authoritative interference really know us better than ourselves?Enneagram Test: Find your ideal job! questioned these.

Mini Project