Our Concept

Dancing Lulu is a simulation games based on AR platform. Lulu is a hilariously adorable companion pet. Same as other digital pets, players can finish interact with it to enhance their relationship. Our unique gameplay and interactive desgin will bring players an experience of breaking the virtual and reality.Players can summon Lulu anytime, anywhere, and use physical cards or gesture tracking to interact with they. 

Why AR?

AR is the ability to interact with virtual objects in a more intuitive and natural way. By using gestures, voice commands, and other forms of input, we can manipulate virtual objects in a way that feels more similar to how we interact with physical objects in the real world. This can make the AR experience more immersive and engaging.

-Develop based: AR Foundation, Unity.

︎gitlab: https://gitlab.doc.gold.ac.uk/asang001/arpet-group15